About taSauwur.com

About taSauwur.com


to taSauwur.com website – we hope to reach out and share news with readers wishing to purchase any of the books we intend to publish over the next few years. The first of these is taSauwur Sultanate of Oman, which was published on the 18th November 2010, to coincide with Oman’s 40th National Day. Published as a hardcover (ISBN 978-0-9560932-2-6) and pdf eBook (ISBN 978-0-9560932-1-9) this book is the work of Photographer Gerald Mclean;

  • 001 – Photographer
  • 016 – Years
  • 395 – Photographs
  • 003 – Maps
  • 36k – Words
  • 356 – Pages
  • 001 – Book

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