Grace in this place

Excerpt from ‘GRACE in this place’ (ISBN: 9780956093240)

‘GRACE in this place’ – ‘Grace’ being a reference to her name, also her persona, and the “place” being a reference to the ‘physical’ whilst also referring to the ‘metaphysical’.

Grace whose text provides impetus for the photographs taken partly in Jamaica and England, influences and accompanies the photomontage images. The images produced generally comprised of two or more elements, a ‘primary image’, recording Grace’s physical location, and a ‘secondary image’ depicting her thoughts. For if one were to ask her to communicate her thoughts during the process of daydreaming, the interruption would influence the answers given. Thus text taken from her private files, in which she records her thoughts, observations and subjective opinions act as the impetus for the images.

Tuesday, 26th March 2003, Jamaica
The background, taken in 1988 in the hills of Mocho, Clarendon, Jamaica, WI; and the foreground of Grace shopping, in 2017 in Harlesden, London, UK, for the same foods stuffs that are readily abundant in Mocho.

I’m in Jamaica, Cornwall County, Parish of Trelawny, Albert Town, Spring Gardens. Still lying in bed wondering what this new day holds for me. The only one knows that, is our God. Then I remember; I must give thanks for another day. I’ve now turned the radio off, which I had switched on earlier. As the first light of a new day begins to break through nature begins; I can hear the barking of the Dogs, and the song of the Cockerel. The Crickets are still singing. Someone has tied a Donkey nearby; its braying to me is a song, and those Rat-bats in the ceiling are fluttering as they return from their nights feast of fruits, from neighboring trees. Once again, this reminds me, give thanks to God for life and health.

photobook set for publication (ISBN: 9780956093240)